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Our biggest traumas hide our most emportant talents and spiritual powers. Only when we heal and we leave behing our personal story our full potential can be expressed. 

We are all born with karma, ancestral influences and certain predispositions that come from them. In addition to that our family members, society and the world at large leave their imprints on our character from an early age. As teenagers and young adults we are already formed humans with distinct personalities and strong opinions about life. We create our lives through the lenses of our beliefs that are the outcome of the experiences we had. The positive beliefs are the main cause for happy and fulfilling experiences we have while traumas, negative and unconscious beliefs lie behind all suffering and sadness.       


On the other hand our Higher Self is a personification of universal consciousness. It is eternal, unlimited and It has many different experiences in time and space. Those experiences from the linear perspective of our ego we call our past and future lifes but from it's own point of view those experiences are all happening simultaneously. It means that our karmic, ancestral and characterial limitations are not ''written in stone'', nor are they results of our past ignorant actions or random events that oblige us to suffering in order to redeem ourselves. Instead, they can be seen as the scars on our soul that are meant to remind us of our biggest talents. They are the darkness that hiddens the precious gems we are supposed to express in our life.  


This realization leads us out of the state of victim forever. We understand that we are eternal spiritual beings expressing as humans and that our lives are play of consciousness that actually make sense. It is a ''dance of Shiva''. We get empowered to make necessary changes in our character and to heal our soul. The possibility to leave behind completely even our personal story, to be no more at the mercy of the bigger events and to consciously create our destiny become reality for us. We become Shiva - unlimited Awareness that freely chooses its own identity and experiences. 


Healing Arts of the Spirit can help you heal your physical, emotional and mental problems and change your life. We use different forms of Energy Healing, Psychic and Shamanic Healing as well as modern Spiritual Technologies that, combined with our teachings, can help you in the proccess of overcoming any issue you have. 


 Contact us for a session or if you have any questions about our methods on ATSOFTHESPIRITLISBON@GMAIL.COM

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