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While Gods and Goddesses are spontaneous and joyous parts of creation Angels and Archangels are staid. They provide order in the universe and although loving and benevolent the main motivation for their activities is the one of duty. Their mighty energy can instantaneously solve the problems of human beings, otherwise insurmountable. Angelic energies can be invoked for every aspect of human life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, healing of traumas, forgiveness, inspiration and insight, spiritual growth, protection and energetic cleansing, purification of spaces, creation of desired realities and anything you can think of. We work with Archangels on the basis of our personal connection created with them during our spiritual journey and we use traditional, gnostic and kabbalistic methods of healing. On rare occasions we use rituals. Treatments are done in person or at a distance, the effects are the same. We organize a call so you explain to us your needs and desires, then you relax and enjoy the energy while we call on one or more Archangels that fits your purpose and we send you its energy. It can be as well said that we are directing angelic energy to you, because there are no limits of space and time for Angels and Archangels. During the process you might experience colours and sounds, memories and insights, strong emotion or visions, or you might experience just a nice tingling sensation of energy flow. Angelic energies will take your healing only to the point you can handle it. We are honoured to work mostly with Raphael, Raziel, Gabriel, Josephiel, Jeremiel, Michael, Camael, Zadkiel, Jophiel, Uriel, Metatron and Sandalphon. Duration - 1 hour Price - 40 euros. Contact us to book an appointment -

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