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Image by Ranae Smith


Scientists, quantum physicists and ancient mystics all agree that the universe is made of light and sound. Nothing in creation disappears, everything transforms. From that perspective healing and spiritual growth can be simply seen as an increase and change of our energy level. By increasing our energy we can accomplish more things, we can embrace more emotional states, we can more easily learn, improve and better ourselves, as well as create the life we want and help others to do the same. 


Empowerment is a phase we enter after healing and removing of our biggest blocks. We can empower ourselves by adopting new beliefs, with psychic and physical training and by dedication to our personal development and spiritual growth. The greatest help a person can get for accelerated spiritual growth are spiritual empowerments, attunements and initiations.  

Spiritual empowerments and attunements are energetic transmissions and sintonizations with certain states of awareness. They can be seen as well as activations of certain energies in our body, mind and soul that were dormant. We are sending our empowerments and attunements in intelligent energetic spheres called Orbs of Life, that are specifically created for this purpose. In Himalayan Shamanic Tradition they are known as Tigli. Like many other types of energy that we use on daily basis like wi-fi or radio ways, this energies travel through the ether to the willing recipient who calls in the energy stored in them when in a calm and meditative state, at his/her most convinient time. Once sent, the Orbs of Life remain with the recipient for all duration of his life. If programmed to replicate, they can be sent further to other people, and most of our Orbs are created in that way.     


We humbly propose to you spiritual empowerments and attunements that we recieved from our Teachers as well as those we have created for healing, protection, shamanic practices, for connection with Vedic deities, spiritual Masters and more. 


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