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- We beget the bridges between spiritual traditions and we express the ancient teachings in a new way -

God. Absolute. Shiva; Allah; Goddess. From remote times until today those were some names' humanity used to define ultimate reality of the Universe in which we live. This reality, this principle, in its first emanation expresses as Existence and Awareness of its existence. Every consciousness, every Self, every body and even every object – everything that is - is nothing else that personified portion of this Awareness. It expresses itself as infinite forms of his creation in all visible and invisible realms, from amoebas to archetypal beings, from atoms to galaxies, by being in the same time ones that lives the experience, observer of that experience and experience itself.
In this sublime dance of the creation Divine invents, creates, plays, imagine, supports, destroy, compresses and extends itself with an intention to experiment and then to evolve in all his parts, until they turn back again to experience unity which was deliberately left out. The ways which consciousnesses find in order to accomplish this long journey towards home, in our vision are ARTS OF THE SPIRIT.
On this portal you can find several of them, some are traditional and others that can be called modern, born from our personal experience, but also from necessity to reword some old concepts and to propose some relatively new which goes right along with current planetary ascension. Our desire is to make this Arts accessible and comprehensible to all spiritual seekers in search for healing, empowerment and enlightenment, as well as to all the people whom for various reasons might not necessarily be inclined toward traditional spirituality, but nonetheless feel strong urge to change their lives and conditions of life on mother Earth.


- my personal story -


Vladan Janković (Vladan-Tar or Shankara) was born in Serbia (Jugoslavia) in 1976. in a lineage of male spiritual healers that were loosing their way. From 1999. he has lived in Italy and France, he currently lives in Lisbon, Portugal. His life was permeated with spirituality from the early shildhood and adolescense even thought he was growing up in atheist family and society. He built his own relationship with the Universe and after several metaphysical experiences, most of them enthusiastic and successful, led by strong desire to become a part of ancient spiritual tradition he got baptized and became member of Orthodox Christian church as that was basicaly the only option in his country at that time.

After a decade of dedicated study of Christianity he experienced big spiritual crisis and shortly after a serious illness, and driven by the intuition he cured himself in his own way without the help of modern medicine. His horizons opened and his interests changed toward healing modalities, energy work and ancient spiritual traditions. He attended courses, workshops and ceremonies with teachers and Shamans from Peru, Italy, Holland and England. Natural affinity for Gnosis and Eastern esoteric tradition gradually unfolded from his soul and after another big change in his life he met a Master Shaman from ancient Egyptian Dragon Tradition that has its roots in earlier epochs. His karma started progressively to burn, his will became stronger and he started daily spiritual practices in disciplined manner for many years. He continues to learn and to improve himself as a human being every single day.
Vladan Shankar is initiated in Tantric, Javanese and Dragon shamanic tradition and he is the apprentice in 8 years long training process in Tibetan-Nepalese mysticism and Bon Jhankri Shamanism. He has received various spiritual attunements and empowerments that add the power to his healing work. His main way of service is helping people to overcome their inner and outer obstacles, empowering them to regain their dreams and grow in harmony toward enlightenment and expression of their fullest potential. He gives courses, on-line classes and private teaching/healing sessions.


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