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AWAKENING (courses)

Most of the humans live their life caught between the impressions of their five senses and the chattering mind. They are not aware that emotions, thoughts and even their innermost identities are all occurrences in their awareness. They pass all their life, with more or less integrity, in more or less noble ways, propelled by the unknown destiny. They are caught in the cyclical existence - Samsara, of the illusionary world - Maya. 


In the same way that we are sometimes in the sleep aware that we are dreaming, we can become aware that we have been dreaming all our lives to be just humans. We are actually spiritual beings that are having experiences as humans. This realization is called awakening. It is the beginning of fruitful spiritual life. 


Awakening propels us to heal and empower ourselves, so we can be in the awakened state permanently. Permanent awakened state is called enlightenment. Every state ''below'' enlightenment in a human being can be seen as anomaly or distortion. We are offering our courses and on-line teachings to everyone who feels the urge to realize his real nature and connection with all life. 

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