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Atualizado: 10 de mar. de 2022

Gods and goddesses are cosmic principles of creation. At the same time they are aspects of our own being. We can relate to them by meditation, association, identification or through the rituals, chanting of mantras and using of yantras.

Lord Ganesha is the most venerable of all Hindu gods. He is the one that is invoked before any other god, at the beginning of rituals or any important endeavor a person might partake in life. He is considered to be the remover of obstacles, but also the one that puts them in the first place, the lord of ganas (both the spirits and all created forms), the essence of our intelligence, god ''in creation'', lord of beginnings and gateways, son of Shiva (the Awareness) and Shakti (Power) who is manifestation of both.

Knowing how to connect consciously with Ganesha will enable you to connect and express yourSelf better, to get in touch with your intelligence and be more eloquent, to remove inner and outer obstacles, be more aware of your potentials and have better protection.

Join us on June to CONNECT WITH LORD GANESHA and:

- understand how cosmic principles express through human consciousness

- understand what Ganesha represents

- know the secret meaning of his symbolism

- receive the Ganesha initiation

- learn 2 of his mantras

- learn guided visualization to connect with him

- learn simple Ganesha ritual

Participation - 35 euros

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