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Atualizado: 10 de mar. de 2022

Join us on a three months long journey toward personal empowerment in Lisbon. Gain necessary tools for encountering any situation in life and be a part of profound, enduring and life changing experience by means of self-inquiry, meditation, guided visualisation and shamanic and tantric practices from ancient spiritual tradition.

- UNDERSTAND your personal story from the universal perspective (our biggest traumas hide our biggest talents).

- CONNECT to your soul and acknowledge the blocks that prevent the expression of your fullest potential.

- LEARN techniques for releasing the disturbing blocks (fear, guilt, shame ect.).

- TAKE your Personal Power back.

- CHANGE you believes and change your life

- ACQUIRE a new perspective on human experience

- FIND your purpose in life and why you came here.

- LEARN how to meditate, stay in peace and enjoy the present moment.

- RECEIVE spiritual transmissions

- and more...

Once a week for 3 months we will gather together to work on profound change and  spiritual adventure that we wil never forget.

Price - 50 euros per month

           (120 euros paid at once)

Contact us for more information on

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