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DASHA MAHAVIDYA or TEN WISDOM GODDESSES is a tantric tradition that honors a great Goddess, the mother of all creation, in her ten wonderful and beautiful aspects or forms. They are extremely powerful forces that lead human beings toward liberation and enlightenment, as well as fulfill their needs in mundane life. They can heal our soul, transform undesired aspects of our personality, empower us greatly and connect us to our Higher Self.  


We offer you a rare opportunity to receive diskhas to Ten Wisdom Goddesses from authentic tantrik Master who did pujas (hindu ritual worship) per 6 hours a day for ten consecutive days along with five other priests, to empower even more the energies of this ten initiations that are collected and will be sent to you in an intelligent spiritual entity we call Orb of Life, which is pretty similar to Tibetan tulpas..


You will also receive a 30 pages long manual with precise explanation about main characteristics of ten Goddesses along with the mantras and yantras you will be initiated in, as well as description how to receive the initiations, which is pretty simple. The initiations can be called in whenever you want and wherever you want it, as long as you have time, quiet place for meditation, water and some flowers and printed yantras from the manual.


Ten Wisdom Goddesses are Kali, Tara, Tripura Sundari, Bhuvaneswari, Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Chinnamasta, Baglamukhi, Matangi and Kamala. They can become your life long spiritual practice for never ending spiritual growth. 


Energy exchange for this great empowerment is higher than others in proportion to power and blessing it brings to the reciever - 480 euros.

Please contact us for the details or if you have any questions. We will respond to your message as soon as we can.
Founder - Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

    480,00 €Preço
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