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Point holding is a powerful healing system created by dr. John Withman Ray who was largely influenced by Kahuna Indians from Hawaii. During several decades it was experimented and improved by Master Shaman Peter Aziz, by whom we are trained, initiated and empowered to do this kind of healing.  The method is based on a thorough scientific understanding of how thoughts and emotions are stored in the body, and how they affect our health and development.All emotions that are repressed and not fully expressed because of judgment or lack of unconditional love and enthusiasm remain stored in the human body within different organs that are connected with the glandular system. By pressing specific points on the body that are connected to the organs, which are in their own way connected to the glands, we trigger emotions, beliefs, genetic memories, deeply stored traumas and past thoughts to deal with them.  At this point we experience a burning on the pressed parts of the body which along with the conscious embracing of all our suppressed issues leads to healing and regeneration of weakened areas of the body as well as inner transformation. Our bone structures change, calcifications break down to restore nerve supplies and weakened organs regenerate. The power of the lineage and the energies of the attunements we received during the training, along with the efficacy of the technique, makes this healing system extremely powerful. We always advise taking minerals and enzymes for 3 or 7 days before healing because they are important conductors and catalysts that enhance the efficacy of the process. Raw food diet is recommended as well.   3 sessions necessary for complete and profound healing. Duration - between 2 and 3 hours per session. Price - 70 e. 3 sessiones - 150 euros.

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