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Shamans work on different levels of reality. Three primary levels are ordinary reality and its metaphysical counterpart, underworld and upperworld. Underworld represents the interface with our unconscious mind and for the Shaman is a journey into the mother Earth, while the upperworld represents the superconscious mind and realms of saints, angels, gods and goddesses in the realms far beyond Earth plane. There are several ways of entering a higher state of consciousness. It is done mostly with drumming at a certain rhythm that creates the change of the brain waves of Shaman leading him into the trance, and by visualizon of entering deep down into the Earth toward the reality that represents interface with the unconscious. With various helpers such as power animals, plants and tree spirits, Shaman can bring the changes in the unconscious mind of the person that are quick, powerful and lasting. The possibilities for healing in Shamanic Journey are limitless and work on a deep level that cannot be accessed by psychology, psychotherapy and many other forms of healing. It can dissolve deepest traumas and elemental energies that are the cause of the constant return of our chronic mental, emotional and physical problems. One session of Shamanic journey can be equivalent to months, or a year, of psychotherapy. Soul Retrieval is a term that defines a method of Shamanic journeying where the energies of most difficult traumas such as rape, incest or violence - which Shamans call pieces of the soul - during which victim left her phisical body for a while because of the overwhelming emotional intensity of the traumatic event, are healed and reintegrated again. Shamanic Journey can be effective for almost all kinds of problems. It can be done in person or on distance, by arranging a specific time for the session. Duration - 45 min Energy exchange - 45 euros

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