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Gtummo is a powerful energy system originating in the Himalayas. It represents inner fire or cosmic astral heat, a safe version of Kundalini energy. It is an integral part of Kundalini Yoga and Vajrayana Buddhism, but it was used in the regions of Nepal and Tibet long before the emergence of Buddhism and Hinduism. In addition to spiritual development, Gtummo energy is also used for healing, occult protection and overcoming blocks in the spiritual growth, as well as for warming the body at extremely low temperatures. Conscious control and use of Gtummo is achieved through long dedicated spiritual work, but also through initiations or activation. Gtummo energy is triggered and developed by symbols or mantras, depending on the system, and is transmitted to other people with hands-on method or (by the very fact that Gtummo energy is beyond time and space) at a distance by will, intention and visualization. Almost all Gtummo systems have 3 levels, as well as Master level. We are initiated in the combined system of the inti api hidup tradition and the Indian version of Gtummo, called Chandali - Level 3. Benefits of Gtummo treatment: - Increases clarity of mind and concentration - Improves health and vitality - Purifies and opens energy centers - Increases self-confidence and spiritual power - Increases the feeling of joy and satisfaction - Removes obstacles in spiritual development - Protects against negative energies - Helps with allergies, migraines, colds, etc. -, Developing intuition - A new sense of self-awareness - And much more Duration - 30-45 min. Price - 30 euros

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