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Atualizado: 3 de mar. de 2022

Eastern philosophies and religions do not contemplate the myth of the "fall of man" or "hereditary sin." By observing human evolution over a longer period of time eastern mysticism sees the changes of human consciousness as cyclical processes that change invariably over the eons. Therefore, the spiritual practice of exploration of the inner worlds was not forbidden as in Christianity, but nurtured and practiced as very important and precious. Buddhist sages (like many others) believe that in addition to our planet, life exists in countless other temporal / spatial realities, and that there are countless universes parallel to ours.

Once upon a time, a Buddha (a man of awakened consciousness who had attained the greatest realization) wanted to take a short break from daily activities by visiting another planet. He immersed himself in deep meditation and in the unlimited depths of his mind he found himself in a parallel universe made up of scents. The scents were composing all that existed. The bodies of the beings that lived in it were made of scents, the settlements were made of scents, they communicated through the emanation of various scents, etc ...

He came across several Buddhas who were interested in a strange visitor from another world. When he explained to them where he came from, they wanted to go with him and see the strange planet he described to them where exists poverty, misery, hunger, pain, sorrow, disease and wars. They went to Earth in their energy bodies totally invisible to ordinary people and started observing. They felt sorry for the beings they saw and wondered why such a place exists in God's creation.

The Buddha from our planet began to explain to them how the greatest love and compassion can develop only in a place where many beings suffer. That only by the existence of darkness can we appreciate light, after sorrow we realize joy, fear and uncertainty only give the true value of peace as well as poverty to prosperity. In places like the universe of fragrance where people were in constant samadhi, where they passed from one blissful state to another indefinitely after a while all the peace, love and bliss no longer have the value because the beings take it for granted. In temporal / spatial realities where there is a strong duality spiritual progress is much faster, and thus the goal of the spiritual path, which is to return to the Creator and fully merge with him, is faster than in places of eternal bliss where beings the state they are already in. Why bother when everything is already great?

The Buddha also explained to them that the state of bliss is totally possible on our planet, in addition to all the negativity. It is possible to achieve not by escaping from the world around us, but by changing the way of thinking and by acquiring a different understanding. Everything is in our mind which with the enlightenment, wisdom and love of our Soul can find peace and tranquility in all circumstances. Planet Earth is the first line of the battle of Consciousness in the universe, in the sense that the greatest lessons are learned on it and in the fastest way. Many traditions and many Masters have said that even gods envy people for the experience of incarntting on Earth. The difficulties and forgetfulness in which the Soul finds itself, such as the forgetfulness of its eternity, the conflict and limits of accepted norms and mental programs of the human race, are not tragic at all if we take into account the eternity of the Soul.

When people break through the barriers around their minds set by misinterpreted religious dogmas such as eternal paradise or hell, or of God beyond creation and devil who is powerful if not more powerful than him in this world then their spiritual progress becomes easier and much faster. Especially when people realize that God and all his emanations in the form of cosmic and natural forces do not "function" on the basis of morality but more as neutral forces similar to electricity. For example, If a criminal believes with all the strength of his will that a criminal act will succeed, it is very likely that it will happen, just as the mother of a large family in Africa will probably die because she has no faith in surviving in bad conditions or is afraid of the future. In any case at the end of their lives, both of them will look upon their own experiences from the point of view of their Soul and learn what is needed from those experiences, and will be ready for the experience of the next incarnation when they so decide. God and the human Soul, which is inseparable part of God, are in no hurry. Spiritual progress is achieved through experience and time.

"Eastern wisdom tradition says that one day of Brahma (God as Creator) - lasts for 14 Manwataras, each Manwataras has its service for 72 Mahayugas (one Yuga = 4,320,000 years). A creation of Brahma lasts 100 years after which the creation gets absorbed and then the second begins. We are currently in seventh). A person who realizes that he is only an emanation of the Soul that is eternal begins to achieve his goals of peace and comes to a state in which he wants to help others get rid of the illusions in which they find themselves. Life is an eternal path through the levels of consciousness that the Over Soul (which is already realized and eternal) achieves through time and matter. Planet Earth is a great school where you can learn a lot. After hearing all this, the Buddhas from the universe of scents were very pleased and grateful to Buddha from our planet for the wisdom he shared with them. They greeted him calmly and with dignity in a way that addresses one God in every being before they left for their planet. NAMASTE! References: dr. Parvathi Kumar Book - '' Time ''

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