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Atualizado: 3 de mar. de 2022

Archangels are beings that reside in the higher Mental Plane of human consciousness. They are usually called messengers of God, as they bring down through creation the Will of superior Power by breaking the barriers between It and lower realms with intention to open consciousnesses of those who are willing to listen, or in need. It was them who spoke to the prophets of various epochs to help and guide humanity.

While Gods and Goddesses are spontaneous and joyous part of creation, Angels and Archangels are staid. They provide order in universe and although loving and benevolent, the main motivation for their activities is the one of duty. In kabbalistic tradition they are seen as overseers of Sephirots, which are modes or emanations through which Absolute manifest itself in invisible and visible worlds. On microcosmic level it means they elaborate everything that happens from outmost parts of our being to the personal world in which we live.

Archangels know our Soul Contracts and take upon themselves task to smooth out our journeys towards realization of plans we set up for us before reincarnating. Whether we are conscious of their help or not, they support us without violating our free will, because our success is a triumph of Divine Will which they represent. In consciously acknowledging their presence in our lives, we allow them to help us even more sufficiently, and when we learn to report ourselves to their energies we can improve our lives in every area we wish. Their interventions become evident and real.

To communicate with these powerful beings is not difficoult if you know some basic rules, you have a clear intention and awareness of what you are doing, The most important thing is to contact the right Archangel for what ever specific purpose you might wish their assistance. as they have different powers and attributes. With that in mind the only limitation in working with them is your own creativity.

We combine the traditional way with modern aproach. Have been blessed to work mostly with Michael, Raphael, Raziel, Gabriel, Josephiel, Jeremiel, Zadkiel, Jophiel, Uriel and Metatron for healing emotional issues, changing limiting believes, working on chakras, enhancing forgiveness and spiritual growth, protection, discernment, inspiration, co-creation, purification of spaces etc.

On our courses and workshops we assist others to do the same for the sake of personal and colective benefit.

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