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Atualizado: 3 de mar. de 2022

To be a human being is an incredible learning experience for the soul. Although it sometimes may seem like a curse, it is actually a great blessing and opportunity to grow fast. Only in human form divine can be experienced in its completeness in all seven planes of awareness, from material world of mineral, plant and animal kingdom to planetary, solar and cosmic intelligences like Seers, Manus, Kumaras, Rudras etc. That is why Bible says ‘’God made men in his own image and likeness’’, and men of wisdom recount that even Gods avail of the opportunity to be born on Earth plane to have a physical existence.

However, for the soul to remember its true nature and have a life worthy of its divine inheritance is not an easy task, because of that Creator and Higher Self have provided every human being with helpers which will enable them to more easily overcome difficulties they are supposed to encounter in each incarnation.

The most well-known ones are Angels.

Angels are symbols of men’s connected consciousness and might be considered Divine blueprints of what is happening on Earth. They are mentioned in lots of Holy Scriptures of different traditions, mostly Judaic. In The Book of Splendor, called Zohar, they are reveled as sacred wisdom of 72 kinds of virtue, power and knowledge, and in Kabbalistic tradition they are structured in 9 groups of 8 Angels ruled over by own Archangel, which goes by the name The Three of Life.

Some Kabbalistic traditions indicated that there are 72 Angels which guide humanity with the sacred task to imbue it with specific qualities of the Divine to be expressed through every men unique individuation. Each Angel has a sacred Hebrew name expressed in the context of sound syllables which accord and emanate specific angelic energies. Each of the 72 angelic energies has their own name, quality and function as well as being governed by particular days and times, giving personal relevance to each person that works with them.

In more simple words, Angels are energy currents that connect men with universal consciousness, while personal or Guardian Angel is our particular mode of perceiving, relating and interacting with existence. He, or she, holds divine blueprint of that we are to become, the memory of our true will, our individuality, personal power and plan for a healthy physical body.

Having all this in mind, becomes obvious how important might be, both for our spiritual growth and mundane life, to be able to harness angelic energies by willingly creating our relationships with them. Choosing not to do so is, in our opinion, a sloppy and irresponsible way to use free will.

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