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Yogic term for Absolute God is Brahman, but Masters of Wisdom sometimes called it THAT. In human experience it is the thoughtless state beyond mind that cannot be explained, because there is nobody to experience it, only pure existence.

When Brahman descends ‘’one step’’ and becomes God and ruler in creation he is called Ishvara. Ishvara comes down another step and individualizes itself as the self of all beings existing in the same time as One, and One in all. This individualization in human experience is felt as the sensation of I AM, and it is our Atman or Oversoul.

Oversoul is the Soul of what is commonly understood as soul in Christian theology, or jiva in Hindu tradition. Our experience as the soul that express itself through unique personality is experience that will never happen again, while our Oversoul had and will have multitudinous experience on different plains of creation, as our evolution continue in course of time even beyond third dimension.

It is recommended by the Masters, however, to establish our identity, if possible, in the state of THAT I AM, rather than I AM. Although being a state of high self realization I AM is the ultimate state of illusion of individuality and can lead once again to the inflation of the ego. Grounding ourselves in pure Existence and in the same time abiding as I AM allow us to always be connected to the source.

Sadgurus and avadhootas oscillate between the states of THAT and THAT I AM. They abide as THAT and when moved by the will to accomplish something mundane, they descend in the state of THAT I AM.

One of the methods to achieve realization of THAT I AM is observation of our breath. Careful attention to exhalation and inhalation gradually transforms in interplay of two sounds SO-HAM, meaning THAT I AM in Sanskrit (so- aham). Sounds SO-HAM are known as Hamsa or White Swan mantra.

Growing awareness of the mantra constantly happening in awakening, dreaming and deep sleeping state of our consciousness, leads us toward realization that our breath and our thought neutralize each other. This is the state of regulated prana that allows us to feel pulsation of our being, or Spanda. It is the esoteric quintessence of Pranayama. Various breathing exercises are just the exoteric side of it.

After realizing Spandana pulsation, if we are consistent enough to be blessed by Divine, we might become aware of the subtle pulsation of the eternal resonance called NADA in our Heart center. This resonance is the sacred sound OM. To disciplined yogic practitioner OM will revel its essence as Light. Then, along with continuous practice, like a bird, or swan, pulsating silent sound OM will eventually soar from the Heart center to the seat of our Oversoul, Ajna chakra, where our awareness of I AM dwells.

As we become more and more familiar with pulsating Sound and Light of our I AM we become aware that we are Sound and Light within all permeating Light of Ishvara. We realize that it is THAT which express Itself through I AM. Thus, comes the realization THAT I AM.

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