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Atualizado: 28 de jan. de 2022

- Divine at times descends on Earth plane to reestablish the law and equilibrium between negative and positive forces. We call this incarnations Avatars. Lord Krishna is Purnavatara and most complete embodiment of God Absolute.

- Lord Krishna is the personality of the Godhead.

- Lord Krishna is the embodiment of Narayana – the Existence beyond the creation, Vasudeva – the Lord as the Indweller in all creation, and Vishnu – the Lord as all names and forms.

- Lord Krishna is the complete embodiment of all cosmic, solar and planetary intelligences.

- Lord Krishna descended on Earth in 3 bodies: as Lord Krishna that we all know him, as Krishna Dvaipayana better known as Vedavyasa, and as Draupadi the wife of 5 sons of light. As Vedavyasa Krishna systematized Vedic knowledge and classified the Vedas.

- Lord Krishna descended with many other beings which are constantly with him in celestial abodes.

- Lord Krishna reorganized spiritual Hierarchy of the planet with Lord Maitreya as the head of it.

- Lord Krishna is the Lord of Yoga and like Dattatreya he is the Jagad Guru – the Teacher on all 3 planes of existence.

- Lord Krishna is the principle of absolute joy, ecstasy and unconditional love, as well as the utmost example of detachment from all life activities, while being simultaneously totally involved in them.

- Lord Krishna was embodiment of the Godhead but ultimate bhakta. He was Magician and a Yogi. He was the Teacher and Ruler. He was worldly man and a lover.

- Lord Krishna’s significance and glory cannot be explained by words.

- Lord Krishna worshiped Radharani. She is the source of his Passion and Power. Radha and Krishna are One.

- The Lord is the completeness of male-female energies.

- The very name Krishna means ‘’Unknowable One’’. He is the Darkness as absolute Light from which light of creation comes out. So, he is often represented as black.

- Lord Krishna is the same principle as Mahakali. She is the emergence of THAT which Krishna is the embodiment of. In some parts of India (Bengali) they are worshiped as one deity, Krishna-Kali.

- Lord Krishna’s flute is the symbol of creation. 7 holes represent 7 planes of Existence with the Lord as the 8-th beyond all. The flute also represent sacred sound OM.

- Lord Krishna’s teachings are simple and direct. Their simplicity preclude many seekers to comprehend their power.

- Lord Krishna is the eternal Presence in us.

- Lord Krishna is the Observer in us.

- Lord Krishna is our mind and our senses.

- Lord Krishna is everything we see.

- Lord Krishna is All That Is.

- He is Jagannath.

- He is Rangaswamy.

- As Govinda he is the owner of all that is, the ultimate of all that is. Go-loka is the basis of all: Existence itself from which the state of existence emerges.

- Lord Krishna can be realized by unconditional love and devotion to the Lord.

- Lord Krishna can be reached through Radha.

- Lord Krishna protect his devotees from all calamities.

- Lord Krishna’s main mantra is HARE KRISHNA. It is the main mantra for the Kali yuga:





- Realization of Lord Krishna fills our consciousness with unconditional love and bliss along with complete absence of judgment towards any being or situation. Complete acceptance of any and every expression in creation becomes a norm. In effortless, joyful and playful way life unfolds through us while concepts and preferences of our egoistic personality fade away.

Sincere devotion and love for the Lord, or powerful declaration and aware choice to be one with Him, cleans our mind (chita) and take us in a state of higher mind (buddhi) in which all seemingly difficult situations, unsolvable problems and doubts transforms in simple choices and easy taking decisions that seem so natural and holistic.

We start living life of our dreams without paying too much attention to it, we start doing our best in everything we do without thinking about results, we start enjoying and celebrating life without fear that once it’s going to stop.

- That is the Power of Lord Krishna, that is the nectar of Krishna Consciousness!

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