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Atualizado: 28 de jan. de 2022

Imagine feeling your breathing, your body and its weight on the chair you are sitting on. Imagine to feel everything around you in the room, the buzzing of the monitor and the fly behind you, the spider on the wall, the light of the light bulb and the sounds coming from the street. Imagine now that you are aware of everything that is happening 50-60 kilometres around you or on the territory of the entire country: Well, that is the Dragon!

On the micro-cosmic level, Dragons represent the primordial force of our Consciousness that has the power to heal itself and lead our ego to spiritual progress and enlightenment, while on the macro-cosmic level they are beings with enormous powers as well as guardians of creation and Kundalini energy. They are inseparable from Nature and connect our life energy with the earth, and can be useful in cleaning the earth's energy network from pollution caused by people on the mental and astral level, as well as corruption, religious and other manipulations at the social level.

Dragons can be of great help to people who have lost the will to live, their dreams and meaning of existence, as well as to all who are afraid of negativity, feel powerless and restrained. There is a special magical system that consists of the dragon language which is the primordial language of creation, runes and sorcery for various purposes, from healing and energy cleansing, through protection, destruction and exorcisms, to abundance and enlightenment. Dragons can also be obtained as personal protectors and helpers when a certain level of spiritual progress is reached or through initiations from accomplished Shamans and Wizards.

Dragons, through books, picture books, and more recently television series, are presented as unreal or imaginary beings by those who want to direct the evolution of the human race in a negative direction. They are often presented as negative beings because they are connoisseurs of good and evil, and also because of the accidental or intentional misunderstanding of symbolism that it is necessary to "kill the Dragon" - to transform negativity in order to gain Wisdom and spiritual Power.

What cannot be hidden is the history, legends and folk beliefs in which Dragons are present, as well as in the collective consciousness and mythology in all parts of the planet, from China, through Indonesia and Balkans, to South and North America.

In Serbia, the sons of Dragons were children born of a male seed filled with the dragon's spiritual essence in a special and magickal way. They were people with special healing and spiritual powers as well as great physical strength and warrior skills. The most famous among them are Ljutica Bogdan, Despot Stefan Lazarević, Miloš Obilić, Banović Strahinja, Stojan Čupić (Zmaj od Noćaja), Vasa Čarapić (Zmaj od Avale), Vuk Branković (Zmaj Ognjeni Vuk), etc.

In ancient civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria and Egypt Dragons were worshiped as deities, and there are still spiritual Traditions from those ancient times that maintain and preserve their sacred teachings. Today, in the places where Dragons no longer have their place in "living" spirituality, we say that they have "fallen asleep." These are usually places where corruption, immorality and misery reigns


It is our duty to re-establish a relationship with the Dragons and memories of ancient societies that are almost completely erased from human memory in order to restore beauty, harmony and dignity of life.

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