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When we are at the beginning of our spiritual journey we cannot understand why many Shamans, Magicians, Yogis and Tzaddik hold talismans, amulets.and other spiritual objects with them. We think that if a person is enlightened at the same time it is perfect and has no characterial flaws or any spiritual or energetic needs. The truth is that different levels of spiritual realization exist and until we are humans we always have issues to work on, just on the other level. Spiritual journey is a never ending one. It is exactly the reason why even holy people have with them sacred objects that help them in various endeavors and with different needs. Izigizzo medicine bundle amulet is a cultural relic from the Zulu tribe in Africa. It consists of special ingredients encased in a fabric bundle encircled by beads and it is used to exemplify courage, warrior spirit and protective energy in the one who wears it It contains various herbal energies, energy of deceased Zulu warriors and those of a Sangoma (Shaman) who made it. By increasing our courage and tapping into the wisdom of theirs we become able to overcome evil we encounter in our lives as well as the ability to transform it into something positive. All this energies are available for you in the empowerment even without you actually having the amulet. Once the energy is sent to you and you call it in, it will be with you forever as if you wear it. Tap into the wisdom, courage and power of Zulu Sangoma Shaman! Price - 105 euros Creator - Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

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