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Many people in today's world live with the lack of self-worth and with low self-confidence. They grew up with the believes that are in majority of cases picked up by their family and society. We are offering to you an Empowerment that can help you with this kind of problems! Ancient knights and warriors wore amulets and talismans for various purposes. Templar Knights were not the exemption. They wore magical objects that increased the energies they needed. We will send you the energy of genuine medieval magickal Templar belt from the museum in Poland. This powerful amulet was traditionally warn to guard against the frailty of spirit and self-doubt and to instil self-confidence. Its energy will be sent to you in Orb of Life that you can call in at a convinient time for you. Once called in the energy will be with you forever, as if you were waring the amulet on you. You will get a short manual with the instructions that will enable you to send this empowerment to others as well. Price - 40 euros. Contact us to make an order -

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