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SHAMANIC POWER (home study course)

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SHAMANIC POWER COURSE (home study course) In these days of great challenge for humanity reconnecting with ancient wisdom of native cultures and Mother Nature is a necessary step if we wish to preserve our personal freedom and life in a sacred way. It is our pleasure to present to you the opportunity to begin your shamanic study at your own home at the learning rhythm that you prefere.Shamanic wisdom and power are gained by the Shaman during all his, or her, life. It is a long process of initiations, connecting with the life around him, with Nature and with forces of universe as well as gaining experience in journey through invisible realms. Undeniable fact is that the best way of learning Shamanism is from accomplished Shaman. But for all who don't have time, resources and acquaintances to do that, by the spiritual science of Orb of Life, it is possible to receive shamanic attunements and empowerments at distance and to begin your path as shamanic practitioner while better ways of learning don't present themselves. SHAMANIC POWER COURSE is one of the best on-line courses you can find for beginning your learning process in Shamanism. It includes all necessary information about basic shamanic work plus 16 EMPOWERMENT ATTUNEMENTS that you can call in in meditation whenever you wish.SHAMANIC POWER COURSE offers detailed explanation about what is Shamanism, what is shamanic view of reality, what are different levels of creation, multidimensional awareness and multidimensional Self. Gives you insights about what is energy, luminous body, spirit world, chakras, totem animal, spiritual guides and helpers and how to make alliances with them, light body, connections to Mother Earth and Great Spiit, with elementals and spirits of directions, with Sun and Moon energies as well as with basic healing energies. Beside that consists of techniques to align various levels of human consciousness, for building energy and power, explanations about creating sacred space, how to do basic rituals and connect with elemental energies, how to do energy healing, how to begin shamanic journey by meeting your power animal and upper world teacher and several other aspects of shamanic wisdom. You will get a 27 page manual with detailed instructions and teachings and a possibility to ask us questions reguarding your shamanic work for a year. Price - 80 euros.

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