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Relationships are one of our biggest teachers in life. Our partners are our mirrors and the ones that trigger our Shadow Self the most. Many challenges can present themselves in our relationships whether we are spiritual people or not. Love and Romance are living things and can wither or weaken if challenged or neglected for various reasons. At times we may have no faults, but nevertheless be the witness of our loved one getting emotionally disengaged. In all these cases we should act if we want our relationship to continue. It can be done in many ways.  We offer you counceling and shamanic and magical help with this kind of problem. In the case your relationship needs reconciliation we recommend shamanic journey for healing elemental energies of the relationship. If you are not sure what is the problem, or you just need the boost in romance, we use Javanese Magick to optimize the resonance of the relationship.  The price varies from 50 to 100 euros, according to the work needed for every situation.  The picture of partners is needed for the process.

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