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NEW USUI REIKI SYSTEM Reiki energy was known to many ancient cultures around the world. It went in oblivion before Master Mikao Usui restored it again in 19-th century. The potential and efficacy of Reiki energy were the main reason why so many people that were looking for physical, emotional and mental healing were atracted to it. Reiki energy is the symbol of simplicity and spontaneity. It's original system didn't have symbols and levels. They were added later. Reiki is inteligent energy that goes by itself where it is needed and as all in the creation, always evolves. Danish Master Ole Gabrielsen, genuine creator of many healing sytstems, as well as channeler of Ascended Masters, reduced Reiki healing system on its essence and upgraded its efficacy and vibration while at the same time he simplified initiations and way of healing. From his communications with Master Mikao Usui in the Astral world, Ole Gabrielsen conveyed to us the following words: ''Welcome my friend. With pleasure and the love in my heart I will introduce to you this new Usui Reiki system. Many things are written about it, a lot of attention is given to that what is correct process and what isn't, how to put the hands during the healing, which symbols to use etc... But, allow me to say what Reiki really is: Reiki is simplicity. You just need to relax and follow your intuition, this is the way to real healing. Don't pay attention to many tecniques, simply do the healing. You see, if you spill the water it will go into the recesses and then go to the holes. You don't need to go and spill the water in every hole. In the same manner energy flows. Start the energy flowing trough you and it will go where is needed...'' NEW USUI REIKI SYSTEM consists of three initiation with the minimum time of seven days between them. Every initiation upgrade and encrease the potency of energy. The system offers the possibility of individual and distance healing, as well as cleansing of the objects, spaces, buildings and situations, karmic relationships and negative mental programs. After the third initiation you can pass the initiations to others. All our initiations are send in Orb of Life. You can call them when ever you want, after we send it to you.

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