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Hindu tradition, like many shamanic traditions all over the world, sees God as a combination of static and dynamic consciousness, as two faces of the same coin. Perfectly still and unmoving awareness, - like an invisible mirror that reflects All That Is - is called the Father God. Everything that exists in all visible and invisible worlds is called the Mother God, or Great Goddess. She is the Power which creates, maintains and at the end absorbs all the creation in herself. She only exists before, during and after multiverses are created and destroyed.  We honor that Great Goddess and call Her Chandika Durga, or Mahakali!  The Mahakali Bliss Diksha is initiation that purifies subtle force centers in the body and aids the awakening and ascension of divine Kundalini energy. It births the condition of supreme consciousness and divine intelligence in those who receive it and gives them the ability to overcome all adversities in life as well as transmute karma in a more gentle manner.  It is given free of charge to everybody who expresses the desire to receive it.  To receive Mahakali Bliss Diksha you should contact us so that we can arrange the convenient time. After a request we will send you a written manual with the explanation how to receive the disksha.    The Lineage is Tibetan Kapalika Aghora. The Master is Mahatma Shiva Kalidasa.  Duration - from 15 to 30 minutes. As a tantrik diksha, it is given and it is recommended to be received with no clothes on.  A photo of the receiver is needed for the process (regular photo, with the clothes on).

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