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Kala Bhairava Empowerment

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Kala Bhairava is a fierce form of Shiva. He is the all powerful cosmic deity who contains all the shaktis - devis in himself. He is the Lord of time and controller of Kundalini energy. Worshipping Kala Bhairava brings many benefits and we have gathered in the Orb of Life energy from the fire ritual (homa) done to him by Hindu priests that can change and improve your life greatly in many ways. By calling this energy you will be empowered to Kala Bhairava mantra and 2 of his yantras that you can use in very simple meditation for various benefits: - to improve your time management skills and ability of multitasking - to be protected against accidents and unforeseen events - to free yourself from negative karma - to get relief from debts and improve your financial status - for blessings, positive energy and success Get the benefits of Kala Bhairava homam! Lineage holder for this empowerment is Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa Price - 170 euros. It will be sent to you with the manual and explanations how to call in the energy and how to do meditations.

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