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Pets are a very important part of life for all those who are blessed to have them. They are joyful, calming and loving company that cannot be replaced by no other being. Unfortunately, sometimes they escape or in the case of an accident, we lose them.  If such a sorrowful experience happened to you don't hesitate to contact us. We will use our psychic and magical skills to call on the forces that will reshape the events so they come back to you, or in the most unfortunate cases, to let you have the information about them so you can have a much needed peace of mind in these situations.   There is no fixed fee for this service. You just do your initial, smaller donation for our work with the commitment that if and when your pet comes home, or you get the information about him/her, you will do another donation equivalent to your gratitude for having them back, or to the peace of mind gained with the information.    

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