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We are witnessing big changes in the world around us on all levels, and the economy is a big part of these changes. Pandemic situation is transforming our society and the way we live. At the same time the doors are opening for reimagining of a new world that might be a much better place then it was before the Covid-19. It is a perfect time to start thinking about how we can give our contribution to positive change. Aquarian age is an age of innovation, adaptation, intuition, flexibility, radical ideas, curiosity, different perspectives etc. and from year 2021. we will start to see new businesses and new ways of earning in a sustainable way that will benefit all. So, it is also very important to stay positive and to be creative until things get better on a global level.  We are offering you help if you are desperately in need for a job, or just need a boost to find the right people with whom to express and manifest your ideas and goals. Some Masters from higher plains are willing to help those in need, especially in these times of changes and crisis, as your economic well being will produce economic well being of others and vice versa.   Contact us if you are interested, and after hearing of your needs, we will do the rituals and incantations to ask the Masters for assistance. If there is a need, we will do cleansing of negative energies for you, as well.    There is no fixed fee for this service. You are welcome to do an initial donation that you feel comfortable with at this moment, with the commitment that you will do another one, if and when you find a job in the next 3 months.  Important note * - We are not guaranteeng you success because there is no such thing as guarantee in magickal work, like there is no guarantee in life. You can get the services from the best layer in the country and still lose the case in the court if the evidence were clearly against you. In the same way you can have help from the best esoteric operator and get no desired result for various reasons. But you can surely increase the possibilities for a lot and if you act with awareness and you do your part in finding a job at the best of your abilities as well, the chances for success will become optimal.

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